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Exhibition of casing of photograph of number of 2008 Guangzhou international, el

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Approve an unit: Guangdong visits office of collaboration of foreign trade economy

Sponsor an unit: Germany cheats association of industry of number of Guangzhou of heart exhibition group especially more

Guangzhou of chamber of commerce of culture of heart of Guangzhou city article is met limited company of 100 million exhibitions

Assist run an unit: Shenzhen city guild of arts and crafts

Support media: The ceremony is great net of gift of business affairs of China of network of technology of China of net of gift of an ancient name for China

[exhibit meeting setting]

Gain ground as what count a camera, digital photograph casing also develops quickly subsequently, those who make the market is new bestow favor on, of the fast, scope that its expand greatly common people

Place is amazed. After all, camera of number of no less than replaces traditional film camera, digital photograph casing also is sure to replace traditional vitreous photograph casing, this is

Epoch-making progress, also be the inevitable way that social history develops. The expert forecasts: Market of casing of “ number photograph has moved toward high speed to spend development period,

Hopeful is in the phase that future moves toward autumn inside 9 years, quantity of its produce and sale and market demand will maintain substantially growth. ”If say to already was passed

Go 2007 is digital photograph casing a year when start through commercial gift, so 2008 is digital photograph casing is entered through living in adornment likely

A year of home of common common people. So visible, digital photograph casing is in in the near future, its market prospect is very good.

For farther to the society, broad consumer gains ground and recommend digital photograph casing to home, extend overseas market space further, we hereby

Fair of casing of photograph of number of 2008 Guangzhou international, electronic photograph casing is held in Guangzhou, active ginseng exhibits the manufacturer that welcomes to produce digital photograph casing each, agency, agent, start digital photograph draw a frame round in all brilliant tomorrow!

Our development, cannot leave your support. We are willing to develop jointly with you!

[choice Guangzhou = chooses to succeed]

Guangzhou----South Chinese center city, border Hong Kong, Macao, it is the city that Chinese market economy developeds most, economic integration actual strength is located in front row of countrywide large city, the dweller is consumed and buy capacity strong.

Guangzhou----Amount of foreign trade imports and exports ranks the whole nation 12 years continuously the first, it is China's most important foreign trade port.
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