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The gift with make a holiday dimension authority, good exhibits him to be able t

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Pilfer edition is rampant, contradictory ginseng postpones the business; Good and evil people mixed up, exhibit can square heavy hand to give a fist. Hui Cong is small on Feburary 26 make up exhibition of domestic articles for use is reached in gift of the 6th China, gift (Beijing gift exhibits Hua Bo) the worry is on the press conference the question that numerous enterprise refers Zhan Weiquan finds understanding definitely method.

We know, the publishs its to condensing countless people rear painstaking effort of numerous gift, a good concept, want finally to pass a lot of link such as treatment of design, research and development, production, sale to carry out. Its most topmost link should belong to a design. In content of majority product technology not tall gift goes course of study, it is appearance or function no matter, a good design, it is the incorporeal place of the product undoubtedly. But, the person of have ulterior motives also values this more. Exhibit every time meeting, can a lot of so called “ exhibit bug ” to appear and disappear often, ” of “ pilfer edition was become numerous the company that has capacity of own research and development most headaching thing, ginseng exhibit be in a dilemma to perplexing a lot of enterprises: The outstanding product that wants to be able to take oneself through exhibiting on one hand opens the market, the painstaking place that worries about oneself again on the other hand is achieved in exhibit on the meeting by have ulterior motives the person is modelled on in the dark, cram the market share that holds this answering to belong to his. Dimension authority, make a holiday besides relying on enterprise oneself, exhibit of the meeting sponsor square with respect to nonfeasance? “ is not rich exhibition of ” Li Zhanhua of course (Shenzhen) director of limited company director Mr Jiang Chengwen gave out the answer of resolute and decisive.

Rich exhibits Li Zhanhua (Shenzhen) director of limited company director Mr Jiang Chengwen makes a speech on the news briefing

Rich exhibits Li Zhanhua (Shenzhen) director of limited company director Mr Jiang Chengwen makes a speech on the news briefing

The gentleman that occupy Jiang introduces: Besides exhibit in the remarkable position paste that exhibits meeting site meeting the propagandist placard that intellectual property protects, outside announcing intellectual property to seek advice from phone and tort to inform against a hot line, the gift that Hua Bo sponsors is exhibited is the whole nation invites intellectual property bureau and lawyer the first times to garrison the gift of the assembly room is exhibited meeting. Be in early 2003, limited company of exhibition of Shenzhen China rich invites intellectual property bureau to intervene exhibit and be in exhibited meeting whole journey to provide 16 attorneys. Once be in,exhibit intellectual property issue produces on the meeting, the lawyer can undertake the spot is solved quickly. Complain square beard to issue relevant proof, once the enterprise that be complained is had by attestation tort behavior, the item on display that be complained must establish at present to wear, if the enterprise does not deserve to close, serious meeting is sealed exhibit meeting, and reject this enterprise ginseng the 2nd year exhibit. If some enterprise is complained twice continuously the word of above, criterion this enterprise must not be joined forever exhibit. Mr Jiang says: China rich gift is exhibited is to be broad gift company to build a better conduct propaganda to reveal platform, let join it is cogent and OK to postpone a business can find through exhibiting buy the home, extend an agent. Exhibit just can encourage enterprise innovation actively, devote oneself to to help an enterprise build center of his research and development all the time, about avoid impossibly at encroaching intellectual property problem, but exhibit can square won't sit by and watch is paid no attention to, can use up oneself biggest effort however as far as possible the lawful rights and interests that safeguards enterprise oneself.
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