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Borrow gift of spring of Beijing of Olympic Games business chance to exhibit cau

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Forecast according to what economist gives out, the because of Beijing Olympic Games society that adds newly consumes demand to be 100 billion yuan about, consumptive gross will achieve 1.5 trillion yuan, before good luck of this kind of history, gift course of study becomes one of industries with Olympic Games the most distinct effect, rely on the engine action of Olympic Games gift, chinese gift industry appears the momentum that gives high speed growth, in the gift market of on the whole world one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars, ” of “ China gift swept across the portion of 60% above.
As last time of the Beijing before the Olympic Games is held large gift purchases grand meeting, gift of the 6th China, gift reachs “ exhibition of domestic articles for use (Beijing gift exhibits Hua Bo) ” was about to be in Beijing on March 20 countrywide agriculture exhibition kicks off, by a definite date 4 days, will have at the appointed time come from domestic and international collective of more than 400 gift manufacturer appears. Up to on Feburary 25, 2008, through fax, online the visiting audience gross that waits for means to be registered beforehand already was amounted to 6214, exhibit meeting site to anticipate will nearly 10 thousand professional audiences show up look around.
Draw near of the footstep increasingly as the Olympic Games, when more and more people are choosing gift, hope to be able to include Olympic Games element, have distinctive culture and collect value, go out in play of ” of times of the Olympic Games after “ appreciate latent capacity. Current Beijing gift exhibits the work of bear the palm that will announce gift of “ humanitarian Olympic Games to design contest ” , this can satisfy the requirement of consumer individuation already, also offerred product innovation train of thought for the enterprise. Sun Zhen of chairman of chamber of commerce of course of study of gift of federation of industry and commerce of China whole nation expresses, gift of “ Olympic Games is the inspissation of characteristic of people of a country, the enterprise must want to make great efforts from design and quality. ”
On the press conference that postpones meeting eve, sponsor Fang Li to exhibit Jiang Chengwen of China rich general manager to say: The “ fast development as our country economy, gift course of study begins to be entered make and consume the level that pay equal attention to, its are in the action all the more in dealings of daily life, business is apparent. From at present statistical data looks, in the Olympic Games drive, the scope that current Beijing gift extends and ginseng exhibit a number to will achieve the history new tall. ”
Chinese all through the ages is holding the outstanding convention of courtesy demands reciprocity, gift has become the lubricant that contemporary society develops, its are phyletic all-embracing by no means an isolated case. As we have learned, this ginseng exhibits gift besides the element that reflects green health, still have gather together the Nanjing of China civilization marrow is Yun Jin, rich the electronic gift of Qixian carve of gem of the Er of well-known tea general that collects value, folk art, high-tech and the Le Koule that come from Korea are buckled etc, the fancy gift of each different will be in numerous characteristic exhibit appear one by one on the meeting.
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