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Borrow gift of spring of Beijing of Olympic Games business chance to exhibit cau

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Controller of happy lotus of Beijing of magnate of domestic gift estate is right current exhibit can be full of expect, of course of study of gift of “ our country develop the area is in southeast is coastal, northward consumptive market returns contain to wear tremendous potential, beijing gift is exhibited built for industry and consumer fitly communicate platform to what communicate more, to holding an Olympic Games appear very seasonable for business chance. ” is current, the Shenzhen gift that exhibits Hua Bo to sponsor by encourage likewise is exhibited is domestic dimensions the biggest gift is exhibited meeting, extend the experience of the meeting and advantage through drawing lessons from Shenzhen, the scope that Beijing gift extends and influence will promote further, realize north and south to interact, specialization to be in the Chinese gift line of business that high speed grows to build, internationalization, brand changes the communication platform with systematization.
It is with the held large international fair such as the United States, Germany exemple, its clinch a deal the forehead reachs 50 billion dollar even, to promote a trade development had crucial effect. Reveal for body current exhibit meeting resource conformity and advance trading dominant position, sponsor encourage of square have the aid of to exhibit read extensively group the database buying the home of ten, before inviting national ministries and commissions and numerous much larger transnational corporation, commerce to organize through all sorts of means, will join meeting. Besides, li Zhanhua rich is returned will from inside the audience that registers beforehand ahead of schedule draw-out “ Japan swims 6 days the spot big award of ” , ensure the spot buys an amount with all one's strength.
Encourage exhibits Hua Bo hand in hand great website holds the ceremony buying the home to purchase a peak can be this second exhibit one of window of the meeting, at present already many 200 specially invite buys the home to sign up participate in, through commerce each square depth communicates, the help buys the home better reach purchase intent.
Overall and character, gift trade deep arrangement communicates in all business grows a major programme of lasting importance, several gift collective shines to accept an audience to examine, buyers and sellers does not have dispense with of aperture butt joint the cost intermediate, made the 3 gist element that current Beijing gift exhibits, this not only the audience ginseng that can attract more to have demand latent capacity is met, also will conduce to domestic gift company taking the path that health can develop continuously.
The upsurge that Chinese gift causes bears attention fully, but whole industry still faces transition test, company of gift of several wife and children civilian battalion must face internationalization to compete. On the news briefing, sun Zhen expresses, “ faces Olympic Games business chance, the concept that how blends in ’ of green of Olympic Games ‘ , humanitarian, science and technology produces tasted design and quality with rising, make Chinese gift is approbated for world place, it is current a lot of entrepreneur should the domain of scan widely. ”
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