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Build platform to search a breakthrough gift of the 6th China International is e

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According to not complete statistic, be in at present on the whole world in the gift market of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars, ” of “ China gift swept across the portion of 60% above, as Olympic Games business chance show increasingly, chinese gift market also will be greeted once in a blue moon development good luck, gift of the 6th China International, gift reachs the “ that was about to kick off on March 20 exhibition of domestic articles for use (Beijing gift exhibits Hua Bo) ” makes gift hot warm up again undoubtedly.
Current gift is exhibited will hold in exhibition of agriculture of Beijing whole nation, by a definite date 4 days, exhibit Jiang Chengwen of China rich general manager to say according to sponsorring Fang Li: Northward last time is large before “ kicks off as the Olympic Games gift purchases grand meeting, current exhibit the dimensions of the meeting, ginseng to exhibit a manufacturer relatively toward have promote considerably, amount of item on display and the number that buy the home will innovate again tall. Up to on Feburary 25, 2008, through fax, online the visiting audience gross that waits for means to be registered beforehand already was amounted to 6214, exhibit meeting site to anticipate will nearly 10 thousand professional audiences show up look around. ”
All the time since, bead trigonometry and long triangle are industry of our country gift most the area that develop, and Beijing regards a capital as the assemble organization of numerous transnational corporation, society and purchase a center, accompanying the arrival of the Olympic Games, accumulate the vast market potential that containing radiation whole world. This Beijing spring gift exhibits the height that got each public figure to take seriously, besides Beijing couplet of happy lotus, Shenzhen is achieved, Dongguan inferior outside the industry tycoon such as calm, before area of and other places of city of spring of the Zhejiang smooth this world that develops most like gift industry, Fujian forms a delegation by the government even, will join meeting, at the appointed time will more than 400 manufacturers bring the newest product of tens of thousands of.
Between contemporary life and job as gift play gives more and more serious effect, its sort all the more is all-embracing, if develop China culture quintessential Nanjing is Yun Jin, rich the fashionable gift of the Er of well-known tea general that collects value, Xin Qiaoji's special business affairs gift and green health. Besides, exhibit the work of bear the palm that gift of “ humanitarian Olympic Games still will announce to design contest ” on the meeting, this since is Olympic Games tribute, also offerred product innovation train of thought for the enterprise.
In recent years, the exit specified number of our country gift is greater and greater, the order of supermarket of the course of study of large quantities of Euramerican general merchandise, chain that cross a state and professional agency changes one's political stand China in succession, drive whole gift industry year all the growth rate of production value exceeded 12% , total 2006 production value achieves 200 billion yuan or so.
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