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Beijing spring gift is exhibited make purchase regale without aperture

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Increase of actual strength ceaselessly as our country economy, the gift of the express the idea that spread sentiment more and more in the distinguish oneself in business affairs of individual life, company and sales promotion activity, but gift is purchased look be like simple, it is very difficult to should carry novel and cheap and fine, distinctive product actually, gift of the 6th China, gift reachs the “ that was about to kick off on March 20 exhibition of domestic articles for use (Beijing gift exhibits Hua Bo) the solution that ” will be aimed at this one difficult problem to roll out effective.
Extend meeting last a period of time 4 days, hold in countrywide agriculture exhibition, cover an area of 13 thousand square metre, about collective of manufacturers of 400 domestic famous gift appears. As a result of current exhibiting can be last time of the Beijing before the Olympic Games kicks off large gift trades grand meeting, accordingly numerous ginseng exhibited business to bring his best high-quality goods and taste newly, in order to help the newest trend that the audience holds gift market, offer enough option for the audience space and purchase good chance.
According to sponsorring square Li Zhanhua rich controller discloses, main cent is item on display gift and toy two kinds big, include home of electron, business affairs, handicraft, household to spin etc tens of breed, share on 10 thousand gift to be able to offer consumer preference. The organic food of health of the carve of golden black charcoal that resembles environmental protection and artistic and perfect union especially, green, gather together the Nanjing Yun Jinhe rat of China civilization marrow year the most popular Disney high-quality goods, will be in exhibit shine brilliantly on the meeting, in order to satisfy the audience that each estate have diverse demand.
Understanding arrives, sponsor Fang Li to exhibit group of Hua Bo have the aid of the database buying the home of ten developed a variety of way invite, at present already organization of national ministries and commissions and numerous and large transnational corporation, trade is attended on invitation, shop through building green passageway, convenient exhibit business and buy a direct communication communication. As a result of dispense with a large number of intermediate link, buy the home to be able to purchase favorite gift with the price under market price, establish direct connection with the manufacturer, convenient henceforth trade dealings.
To make current exhibit can obtain revolutionary progress, sponsor square with join the make concerted effort that postpone business, network many and current the most popular most original gift, in successive 4 days exhibit on the meeting, will meet with the audience in succession. According to the convention, what gift extends the last day is retail trade the forehead will achieve highest summit, advocate if because join,postpone business,finishing after revealing the task, will undertake exceeding to a large number of products that carry low fold sell, a lot of audiences will be relaxed naughty change the fancy gift that buys very hard at ordinary times.
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