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2008 Guangzhou (bright and beautiful Chinese) single-page calendar, section cele

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Extend meeting time: 23 ~ exhibited meeting site 25 days in July 2008: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center 2 shops first floor
Chinese Guangzhou single-page calendar, section celebrates gift to exhibit-------Start infinite business chance for you!
Annual Guangzhou single-page calendar, Jieqingli tastes exhibition is the year major exhibition that the whole nation has force extremely, held more than 10 years already successfully, exhibition is exhibited with its distinctive exhibition subject matter and professional meeting brilliance is shown in serving to be exhibited in countrywide a lot of gift, caused industry to pay close attention to and take seriously extensively. In domestic and international of manufacturer of gift of each famous brand single-page calendar support energetically below, do exhibit dimensions and class to expand ceaselessly rise, exhibition effect is distinct, get society of each respect reputably. The manufacturer home that tastes for the single-page calendar of countrywide each district, Jieqingli, agent, agency offers all-around reveal communication platform and technical communication channel, cooperated single-page calendar, Jieqingli to taste the extensive development of the enterprise better. Become Chinese single-page calendar, Jieqingli to taste a manufacturer to show the grand meeting that newest money calendar, desk calendar, spring festival scrolls, Nian Qingli tastes to the client.
Exhibition is attracted every year come from countrywide each district (include harbor, bay, stage) reach the domestic and international major such as the United States, England, Germany, Canada, middle east, Singapore, Arabia to purchase business to show up purchase look around, exhibition is famous spend ceaseless promotion. Guangzhou international single-page calendar, Jieqingli tastes limits of exhibition item on display concentration, specific aim is strong, not only the information that knows newest Jieqingli in time to taste the market for both sides of supply and demand and industry trend offer optimal commerce to negotiate platform, and ginseng exhibit business to be able to make full use of exhibit during can be being begun, mix wife person builds the concerned industry such as business of the agency that comes from world each district, imports and exports commercial connection and negotiate business, promote an industry thereby external figure, widen sale channel, make enter the commerce business chance that exhibits an enterprise to get utmost.
The corresponding period will hold:
? The 5th China (Guangzhou) fair of international paper industry
? The 4th wide peaceful county forest oar paper, pack presswork industrial classics trade negotiates meeting
Hold Guangzhou first! This, will be you most well-advised decision
Guangzhou —— regards Guangdong as the provincial capital of the province, it is center of the politics of Hua Na area, economy, culture, information, it is Chinese “ not only 3 big ” can exhibit one of centers, and actively to internationally can extend urban stride. The commercial group ability of its height and radiation ability, capacious market prospect, become global buy the home to look around to exhibit and create the first selection spot that purchases agency, hold for Guangzhou thereby exhibit internationally can offer large quantities of the global direct natural resources that buy the home.
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