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8 years of autumn the 16th " exhibition of stationery of Guangzhou gift gift "

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1, gift gift: Gift of souvenir of gift of business affairs gift, craft gift, sales promotion gift, sports gift, office of culture and education, Christmas gift, travel, advertisement, external affairs gift, religion gift, fashionable gift, mobile phone act the role ofing is tasted, collect gift, electron gift, recreational gift to wait;

2, handicraft: Craft of metallic technology, pottery and porcelain, headgear craft, sculpture sculpture craft, silk craft, colophony craft, folk handicraft, handicraft is tasted, flowers of ironwork of ligneous handicraft, cane, man-made, elegant lamp is acted the role of, umbrella fan Zhu Huang, the four treasures of the study, smoke embroider, embroidery, ; .

3, stationery things: Write stationery of student of things of the stationery on products of tool, tablet, paper, greeting card, desk, children stationery, folder, art, office things to wait.

4, household high-quality goods
(1) clean things: Appliance of bathroom appliance, family expenses cleanness, family expenses arranges things of hardware of box, family expenses, common home, DIY act the role ofing to taste, the; such as things of cleanness of outdoors articles for daily use, pet
(2) domestic articles for use: Does hair on the neck of a pig of scar of  of vanadium of Jin of ⒗ of toad of human skeleton of An of Qian of class of  Lai  install е of A of Р of  of ⑺ of road to fold to defeat two ⑻ to touch Shao to defeat return?
(3) decorate things: Flowers of fruit basket, craft candle, craft / textile of plant, curtain, cloth art, bedding, family expenses, tea service, lamp act the role ofing, horological, mirror, artistic painting, frame, vase, sweet fume adornment of series, metal, carpet, grass adornment of willow goods, glass.

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