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Plan of all sorts of give sb a present of professional National Day [158]

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Be aimed at the student gens that does not have economic capacity, they mid-autumn the cardinal principle on give sb a present is to plan to touch relatives and friends with ” of “ Bao Lihou meaning, wh some of which returns originality thering is no lack of.
Small bud (university 3 grade) offensive of phone of + of ——— exchange gift

Each years mid-autumn, the home cannot be mixed in provincial small bud family is spent together. The university is read to have 3 years in Guangzhou, had been been used to and dormitory friend a spend joyfully mid-autumn festival. A few little gifts are given each other between the friend, in order to convey the blessing to the Mid-autumn Festival. Occasionally, the characteristic moon cake that each other home town can exchange between the friend is the necessary gift that university the Mid-autumn Festival exchanges. Mid-autumn that evening, small bud can hit a long distance call come home family, give the blessing of the Mid-autumn Festival and greeting. She says this is the simplest probably but close mid-autumn gift.

Small charm (Gao Sanxue is unripe) ——— prepares food personally

Although mid-autumn is annual,small charm says main festival, but had gone up as a result of oneself tall 3, school work is very busy, go planning without more energy the gift with what send good gives family. If can help mom cook the good food of on one desk that evening mid-autumn,she says, bring gift to well painstaking parental. Small charm still says, if good result can be obtained in the exam exam of all previous, also be repaid parents. Be in probably this year mid-autumn, this also is a best gift.

A Dong (Gao Yixue is unripe) moon cake of network of ——— environmental protection

A Dong is an active boy. Knew one swarm good friend on the network at ordinary times so. The Mid-autumn Festival was gotten on for, a Dong plan serves to every network good friend mid-autumn electronic greeting card, in order to convey oneself blessing. He still has friend of a few foreign countries not to know the Chinese has had the Mid-autumn Festival consuetudinary, when reason gets greeting card, feel particularly fancy. A Dong says, contemporary network is very convenient, what network moon cake, network flower has, the mailbox that sends a friend only can serve the festival of the Mid-autumn Festival the greeting, already environmental protection has idea again.

Wen Wen (elementary school 2 grade) ——— abstains a lantern

Wen Wen says this year she plans to serve a “ big ceremony ” to grandfather grandma mid-autumn, it is oneself the small lantern that takes prize in school handiwork match. She says, she learns this small lantern on art class, because be done beautifully,be judged to be second-class award by the teacher so. Wen Wen says proudly, she presents grandfather grandma the work of bear the palm of him first time, the hope is in mid-autumn that evening the lantern that family person hangs him to do enjoys the glorious full moon together, cross a happy the Mid-autumn Festival.
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