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God 7 asked a day elegant clay sculpture to the watch wishs last night [156]

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The happiness that to convey pair of gods 7 successes launch wishs, as “ clay figurine piece what ” passed the person's Zhao Qingjie to take out his is special competence.

He created a new work, and and before clay sculpture has very big different, see a story please.

Recently, the author will to Zhao Qingjie be located in south the atelier of pond, saw he is a god only 7 made clay sculpture. Work of this clay sculpture makes the author astonied, because it is mixed,the traditional clay sculpture in our impression is having great difference.

Zhao Qingjie is a god this 7 made clay sculpture have 3 parts, include to be in 7 airship mix the astronaut of spacewalk, god for apply colours to a drawing atmosphere and made background, these 3 parts added photoelectricity element respectively. Say the setting of this clay sculpture, spent many idea. With black plastic board night sky of 3 inclose imitate, small bulb of white acts as star. The author arrives alertly, below Zhao Qingjie's control, god of 7 reclaim on cabin, the “ that useful Gong La's dichromatic small bulb comprises is magical 7 ” two words, in ceaseless twinkle.

Original mystery all is on this small remote controller in Zhao Qingjie hand.

Zhao Qingjie tells the author, when the spacefarer gives cabin activity, weightlessness condition is in in aerospace, cannot walk to can make clay sculpture astronaut shows this kind of “ to wave to wave the condition of ” , he expended idea.

For can better foil atmosphere, zhao Qingjie still installed a little sound box to clay sculpture work, a switch, can broadcast song automatically " east is red " . The market tone photoelectricity that this still is an one hundred percent really the work of high-tech clay sculpture at a suit. Magical today 7 be about to blast off, it will bear the weight of the spaceflight dream of all Chinese, make us collective wish for it.