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A few kinds of different silver-colored distinction [122]

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925 silver are the pure silver that the silver of 925 millesimals adds the copper of on 75 millesimals, it is the pure silver-colored standard with accepted international, get on 925 silver-colored plating normally now platinum (white rhodium) , become in order to prevent silver yellow to blacken below oxidation or vulcanization circumstance, without the 925 silver of plating platinum, call “ element silver-colored ” .

Sufficient Yin Hanyin is not less than 990‰ , impress is sufficient silver or S990, silver 990.

Peaceful silver is the course is burned commonly orchid the 1000 sufficient silver that craft handles, namely the silver-colored content of 999 millesimals, peaceful silver is acted the role of taste elegant unsurpassed, more resembling is artwork, beautiful, easy, fashionable, peaceful silver is acted the role of article with plain style, inferior smooth, old old old breath gets of fashionable gens love.

Tibetan silver does not contain silver-colored component commonly, it is copper-nickel alloy (cupreous nickel alloy) elegant say, the Tibetan silver on the tradition adds the about a hundred copper of 70/0 for 30% silver, because contain silver-colored amount,still be too low, had not seen in the market now so, replace with complete copper-nickel alloy.