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Auction answer on the meeting how diamond of choose and buy [111]

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Warm up gradually as what collect heat, the auction can have become a lot of people's zealous place, no matter be the enthusiasm that holding investment in the arms to collect, still be the psychology with fluky get sth others ignored, anyhow auction can become common person to be able to step sufficient place. On sale means is absorbing, because exceed the temptation of low,be, often remove the price that send extremely low, because this ability is met,have a lot of people scramble for sth. Meet in the auction in besides antique miscellaneous, also had gem headgear, diamond jewelry is amid owns fair share more. How can you just be so does the auction buy the diamond that he feels satisfactory in the meeting?

Auction can medium diamond cent to be two kinds, one kind is naked auger, one kind is the headgear of diamond finished product that has enchased. In the preview time with can medium auction, the friend that wants to buy must be in this 2 - that diamond with your favorite place is examined well inside 3 days. Generally speaking, auction can medium diamond to be able to deserve have calibration certificate, the provenance of certificate also has each different, after with respect to need everybody understands the authority of these appraisal orgnaizations, this makes judgement. Realized the price that after the quality of diamond classifications, is about to see it, mark of the meeting on the graph collection with can medium auction is worn market value, have a range, price is patted to want commonly since under this limits 30 % are controlled, but everybody does not want easily by temptation of this price place, should knowing on sale price is from low toward go high, the price that clinchs a deal finally is very possible however the limits of value of tower above market.

Those who value is naked the diamond jewelry that get and has enchased, every want the bought price bottom line that buys the home to want to had considered his, if tower above this bottom line, it is worth while to want to be clear about buy and collect. Because be in,the auction often is met in the meeting temporarily actuation and let him after the event regret. If the diamond with can so medium auction becomes the word with lubricious right price, dispute often is worth to buy, but the problem that must note above.