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Detect gem chooses 10 times magnifier optimum [116]

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It is gem headgear is the commonnest that gem uses magnifier detect tool. Usually, 10 times magnifier is chosen when we observe gem with gem magnifier most appropriate. When using 10 times magnifier, fixity makes an appointment with 25 millimeter to the distance of camera lens top, it is the properest distance; If use 20 times magnifier, criterion the distance of its content and lens only 10 millimeter, observation is very no-go; Another is important the reason is, according to naked eye mostly observation comes to character of gem of color of the observation on international decide, and diamond character observation is to occupy 10 times enlarge to be a standard. All observe gem headgear with 10 times magnifier in view of bound of gem of above reason reason. Observe red, sapphirine and halcyon with 10 times magnifier for example, think flawless and bought this jewelry, but buyer looks again with 20 times magnifier again later, discover decorations has tiny flaw or Yu Wen, seller can think this act the role ofing is tasted and do not have a problem. Because rise diploidly as magnifier, original unchallenged tiny flaw or Yu Wen also can be shown come out, will tell to certain jade article, can be more such.