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Of nephrite and chalcedony, serpentine jade, halcyon, albite jade and glass diff

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When differentiating nephrite and its likeness jade, answer to have naked eye identification first, choose effective instrument next, undertake accurate differentiate.

Aggregate comprises the quartz that chalcedony is concealed crystalloid. White chalcedony very resemble Bai Yu. Its diaphaneity is whiter also jade is good. The density of chalcedony is 2.60g/cm3, consequently, when goods of hand weigh in hand, have than nephrite (nephrite density 3.00g/cm3) light feeling. The refractive index of chalcedony (1.53) the refractive index that also compares nephrite apparently (1.6) low.

White serpentine jade and Bai Yu are more similar. The refractive index of serpentine jade (1.56 ~ 1.57) reach density (2.57g/cm3) lower than Bai Yu also.

Ice is planted halcyon and Bai Yu are more similar also. The diaphaneity that puts kind of halcyon on the ice is better than Bai Yu. Emerald refractive index (1.66) reach density (3.34g/cm3) compare Bai Yugao.

The refractive index of albite jade (1.53) reach density (2.61g/cm3) lower than Bai Yu.

The circumstance of vitreous copy white jade is very common, reach cheap jade market in tourist attraction of market ground booth, travel especially, hang via often seeing glass, bracelet and place. The glass of copy white jade, from color, diaphaneity and burnish, distinguish very hard with Bai Yu.

Glasswork is common have bleb, and the configuration of bleb is globose. Although the refractive index change of glasswork is big, but still compare on the low side of white jade refractive index commonly. The density change of the glass of copy white jade is bigger also, but the density that often compares Bai Yu is low.